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Best Doctors is an invaluable way to consult leading medical experts all round the world to get their opinion about a health condition or concern. We offer members a wide range of different services with one aim in mind – to ensure they receive the very best care possible.
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"Best Doctors
gave us a detailed explanation of our
son’s condition and treatment options in terms that we could understand."

"I was really
satisfied by the
number of different treatment options that the expert report gave me."

"It’s so valuable to
have an international expert reviewing your condition."

"No one had thought of a solution before!"

If you're a MEMBER

Best Doctors is always here for you and your family whether you need a second opinion, an introduction to a medical expert or are just looking for information or advice. In fact we’re the only resource you need for all your health needs. Find out more about your choices here.


If you're an EMPLOYER

By offering your employees Best Doctors you will be giving them access to a highly respected organisation - and one which boasts the services of 53,000 of the world’s leading health experts. So it will be a benefit they are sure to appreciate. There will also be some real benefits for your business too.


If you're an Insurer or IFA

Best Doctors can really make your service stand out to potential clients. We work alongside a wide range of affinity partners and IFAs and can tailor the way we work with you to suit your needs precisely. To find out more, get in touch today.



It’s estimated that musculoskeletal injuries in the UK cost £4.2 billion per year.

Renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon Colin Natali explains how telephonic support for musculoskeletal conditions can bring great results.
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Our members call us for a variety of reasons:

  • 61% condition isn't improving
  • 75% need help deciding on a treatment
  • 31% doubts about recommended surgery
  • 76% confirmation of diagnosis
  • 54% doubts about information received from their specialist
  • 45% to have a better understanding of their medical condition